TeeMarketing Acadmey by Peter Chan Jr

If you are looking to doing ecommerce (selling physical products without doing the inventory) using facebook marketing, then Peter Chan Jr is the guy!

He is a 24 year old multiple six figure earner.

I actually met Peter about a year ago from a business opportunity/mastermind we were in.

I saw him rise up from being a hard working young marketer to now being a six figure earner and this is just the beginning for him.

In this interview, he shares about the power of facebook/paid traffic to make money with eCommerce selling products on TeeSpring (selling t-shirts) and products on Amazon as well.

teemarketing academy

He created TeeMarketing Academy which is a step-by-step training on how to use facebook marketing to promote t-shirts using Teespring which is called TeeMarketing Academy.

Here's what you get inside TeeMarketing Academy.

Here's My Exclusive Bonuses:

If you bought Peter's course from my link, I'll send you MY BEHIND THE SCENES PRIVATE VIDEO where I was able to rank TOP 10 in a recent affiliate contest and get #1 in conversions out of all the top 10 affiliates!

In the BONUS, you will discover my BEHIND THE SCENES video where I share how I was able to get up to $5.05 in EPC (That's like TEN TIMES Better CONVERSIONS than some affiliate marketers)!

I'll actually show you BEHIND THE SCENES on how I promoted an affiliate offer and got to the TOP 10 affiliate contest with just 1 little email and outrank some well known gurus in this industry!

My EXCLUSIVE BONUS is one straight to the point private video that explains exactly what you can do to get BETTER CONVERSIONS than most typical marketers AND get on TOP of the leaderboards WITHOUT having a huge guru list!

Instructions: Click the “Show Me The Video” to Get Tee Marketing Academy from my link and then after your purchase, forward me your receipt # to support [at] dreampreneur [dot] com so I can verify your name, email, and receipt. My bonus ends this Sunday!

Click Here to Get “Teespring Academy” & Get My EXCLUSIVE Bonus!

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  1. We are currently filing a lawsuit against Peter and his “Ecommerce Course”. Will like to see some justice.

  2. Peter is a scam, the content he promises is available on youtube and he underdelivers on his promises. It’s NOT worth the money. Fake Guru ALERT!